Amethyst, the jewels of change: discover its healing properties

Sometimes in life we feel a need for change. Or even just to leave behind the behaviour of others. Amethyst, of all gemstones, is definitely the one of transformation, change and forgiveness. It helps to leave behind old habits and old ways of thinking, as well as being useful for making fantastic jewels.

Amethyst: mineralogical and geographical origins

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Amethyst is a crystal belonging to the quartz family, whose purple colouring is due to the presence of traces of iron. The main mining sites for these precious stones are Brazil, the United States, Madagascar, Russia and India.

Amethyst: the legend behind the jewels

A fascinating legend from ancient Greece lies behind the name of these precious stones. Amethyst was the name of a woodland nymph with whom Bacchus, the god of drunkenness, fell in love. To escape his courtship, Amethyst turned to Diana, goddess of hunting and the woods, who transformed her into a pure crystal. Angered, Bacchus threw a cup of wine at her, giving her the characteristic purplish colour. It is no coincidence that the literal meaning of the word Amethyst (Amethystés) is 'not drunk'.

Amethyst: healing properties for your body

Here are the beneficial properties of these gemstones for your body. Amethyst jewellery can

  • reduce fatigue;
  • fight migraine;
  • heal wounds;
  • reduce pain;
  • promote blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • relieve the respiratory tract;
  • reduce the absorption of liquids by the intestine by restoring intestinal bacterial flora;
  • treat hearing disorders such as tinnitus.

Amethyst: healing properties for your mind

As mentioned above, Amethyst jewellery also has several beneficial properties for the mind. Here are the main ones:

  • combat depression;
  • reduce anxiety;
  • give lucidity;
  • melt away fears;
  • conciliate rest;
  • encourage introspection;
  • help achieve tranquillity.

Where to find Amethyst

where to find amethyst jewels gemstones healing properties

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