Azurmalachis, not only jewels: discover its healing properties

Is advancing age making you feel stuck? Is middle-age crisis making you feel not good as you should? Sometimes the solution may be simpler than you think and may lie in precious stones, as essential as neglected tools to improve the quality of one's life, as well as objects from which to make beautiful jewels.

Alleviating shoulder and neck pain is in fact just one of the healing properties of azurmalachite, one of the most popular precious stones on the market, apparently not only for the possibility of making jewellery from it.

Azurmalachite: mineralogical and geographical origins

Azurmalachite, as its name suggests, originates from the union of azurite and malachite, two precious stones of mineral origin. Although rare, it can be found near copper deposits, mostly in the United States, Russia, France, Israel, Namibia and Australia. Its colour is a mixture of azure and teal, which meet and blend in spectacular shades.

Thanks to its electrical vibrations, azurmalachite can release healing properties for body and mind.

Azurmalachis: physical healing properties

On a physical level, these gemstones stimulate:

  • the alignment of the spine and joints;
  • the alleviation of throat, shoulder and neck pain;
  • the increase of blood circulation;
  • the reduction of dizziness
  • liver and gallbladder functions
  • the treatment of migraine
  • the treatment of asthma.

Azurmalachite: psychological healing properties

On a psychological level, azurmalachite jewellery can be used to combat:

  • anxiety;
  • depression;
  • low self-esteem;
  • neurological ageing;
  • tension in relationships, encouraging dialogue;

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