Obsidian brings out your inner rainbow: discover its beneficial properties!

Outside black and amorphous, inside colourful and variegated. If you also see yourself in rainbow obsidian, it means that these gemstones, thanks to their beneficial properties, can help you bring out that side of you that is so fascinating but still hidden.

Rainbow obsidian: history and mineralogical origin

Rainbow obsidian is a lava glass. These gemstones do not have a crystalline structure because they were formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic lava. There are different varieties, each with different beneficial properties and from which magnificent jewellery can be made: black, silver, gold, 'snowflake', 'apache tears', etc.

According to the testimony of the Roman historian Pliny, rainbow obsidian was discovered in Ethiopia by a man named Obsius, who gave it his own name (Lapis Obsidianus). The ancients believed it contained the powers of three planets at once: Sun, Uranus and Saturn. But its use is even more ancient: in the Stone Age it was used to drive away evil spirits and, thanks to its sharp edges, to make knives, spears and arrows. Later, the Maya used it as a mirror for divination, to soften wounds and relieve pain, while in the Middle Ages it was used in certain magic rituals.

Rainbow obsidian: geographical origins

Rainbow obsidian can be found more or less anywhere in the world, especially near areas with present or past volcanic activity. The United States is among the main mining locations, joined by Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Kenya, Ethiopia, Iceland, Mexico, Peru and Russia.

Rainbow obsidian: physical beneficial properties

Rainbow obsidian is the rarest of the gemstones belonging to this category. The jewellery derived from it possesses various beneficial properties on a physical level:

  • treatment of spinal problems;
  • pain relief;
  • improvement of peripheral circulation;
  • healing of skin wounds;
  • tissue regeneration;
  • alleviation of kidney diseases through elimination of toxins;
  • alleviation of muscle tension;
  • improvement of intestinal functions

Rainbow obsidian: psychological beneficial properties

Rainbow obsidian jewellery also possesses various beneficial properties on the psyche. They are:

  • releasing repressed emotions;
  • stimulating calm and reflection;
  • giving inner clarity, harmony and balance;
  • overcoming traumas and fears;
  • eliminating negative energies.

Where to find rainbow obsidian

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