About me

Welcome to my little world full of dreams, beauty, elegance and exclusivity.

Let me introduce myself: I am Anna Vasilenko, native of Ufa (a city at the foot of the Ural Mountains, about 1200 km from Moscow to Siberia) although I have settled in Barcelona quite a few years ago. I admit it... the climate, the sun and the sea have won over the temperatures, especially during winter, in my land. Finally, I decided to take the big step: to turn into business what until now could be defined as a simple hobby. Since I am allergic to metal jewelry, I started, out of curiosity, to produce silver earrings. The fact that the photos of my creations published on social networks were successful, motivated me to buy other silver material and make earrings of different designs, always showing a style of my own, able to represent and distinguish myself.

It is very obvious that I have a certain preference for silver ... why? Everyone knows that silver is a beautiful ornament that can become a gift both for someone we love and for ourselves ... but there's another reason leading me to choose silver... this metal, besides being beautiful and elegant, has magical properties. By establishing a close relationship with our deepest emotions, it acts as a powerful negative energy liberator that conveys our deepest emotions and calms our nervous state. It is a shield against negativity. Accessories and complements are essential for many people. Jewelry is an important part of our look and, in addition, it shapes our character and lifestyle.

With my creations, I aim to get closer and closer to everyone's tastes by providing something that will make us feel good with ourselves ...